Somerset Country Escape

Somerset Country Escape Coronavirus (COVID-19)

UPDATED: 29/04/20

Guest Information

We are now working remotely so all enquiries by email please to –

Understandably, we are receiving an unprecedented volume of emails. Please remain patient and be assured we are prioritising and responding to enquiries as efficiently as possible. Before you contact the team, please read the statement below.

For the latest information on the virus please see the following websites. Note that these are the most trusted authorities on the situation and are constantly updated.




What if I my booking is cancelled and I don’t have insurance?

Firstly, we cannot stress enough how sympathetic we are to the position our guests are in. This is an unprecedented situation for this country and the whole world. There is nothing we can do if you do not have insurance. 
It is up to you whether or not you chose to take out travel insurance, but you must remember that property owners are not able to insure against a guest who has not taken out insurance and expects a refund. We are all in the same situation.

Remember that we are a small company and we do care, helping our guests to have wonderful holidays and make happy memories. Without travel insurance, we cannot do anything to help you. Please, do not take your anger out on us. If we could help, we would. Please be understanding, these are very difficult times for us all.